Restaurant Athena

31 Jan

When a Greek colleague sung the praises of Restaurant Athena I knew I had to visit. (A Luxembourg truism: if an ex-pat recommends a restaurant of their country’s cuisine, go there.) Also we love Greek food and it’s walking distance from our place…with all of these signs aligning, how could we resist?

The restaurant is on a quiet road in the Gare district – on-street parking is limited so you might want to try one of the underground parking spots nearby. It has the look of a local cafe from the outside but the decor is warm and welcoming. Greek touches such as pillars and frescoes are tastefully featured without. Service is warm, friendly and very efficient. It must be one of the few places here where the staff prefer to speak English or German over French, which suits me fine!

The choice for starter was a no-brainer. I had to stop keeping taramasalata in the house because my brain thinks it’s crack, and tzatziki isn’t too far behind either, so we had the Pikilia froide – an assortment of cold Greek starters. It was heavenly.

For the main I ordered the Helena mixed grill – beef and chicken fillet, gyros, tzatziki and sautéed potatoes. The beef and chicken was cooked and spiced perfectly, especially the chicken which was tender and juicy. Unfortunately the gyros was on the salty side but the perfectly-sautéed potatoes made up for this. But the real star of the show was the Lamb Stifado – slow-cooked lamb in a shallot and tomato sauce. The meat just fell off the bone. Extremely moreish and highly recommended.

We returned to the Restaurant Athena for lunch a few weeks later. The restaurant was packed, which wasn’t surprising given the good value lunch menu. Service was still friendly while being speedy and attentive. The lunchtime mixed grill was much cheaper than the dinner version but still plentiful. The Silver Fox ordered the Lamb Stifado again which wasn’t on the lunch menu but could not be ignored – it was still delicious.

Cuisine: Greek
Address: 56 Rue Adolphe Fischer, L-1520 Luxembourg
Phone number: +352 26 48 37 51
Opening hours: Mon-Fri and Sun: 12:00 to 14:30 and to 18:00 to 23h00, Sat: 18:00 to 23h00
Prices: Starter assortment €14, Helena mixed grill €19,50, Lamb Stifado €17,50
Public transport: Multiple buses serve the Paris/Zitha bus stop, the restaurant is a 7 minute walk
Delivery: No

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