Big Beer Company

14 Apr

When the Silver Fox’s primarily-male office wanted to go out as a group and let off some steam, the dream was a place that offered the trinity – great beer brewed on the premises, a rotisseried animal leg, and, of course, free shots. And then the Big Beer Company opened in the Rives de Clausen.

The first thing you notice is the vastness of the place; no surprise as it’s located in an old brewery, the guts of which they’ve lovingly restored, polished to a high shine and displayed throughout. Clever lighting gives it a nightclub feel as the evening wears on, with mainly standing tables at the bar on the ground floor, and a traditional beer hall set up on the restaurant mezzanine.

The food is Oktoberfest: pork knuckle, rotisserie chicken, charcuterie, and some Luxembourgish specialities like Judd mat Gaardebounen (pork collar with broad beans). Portions are vast, including sides like sautéed potatoes and bacon that just keep coming. And it’s all excellent: we’ve been many times, and the meat is consistently juicy and delicious. The service is friendly, on the ball and often good fun.

When the freshly brewed beer (also available unfiltered) arrives in one-litre steins that you slosh together, the Oktoberfest spirit just takes over, aided by the cheesy music…and then you’re shovelling the food and beer in like there’s no tomorrow, everyone at your table is groaning and smiling at the soundtrack, and when you look around at the other tables everyone else is smiling and toasting each other with steins too. Then when your shirt buttons are about to ping off, they take you downstairs for a free shot. And just like that you’re ready to go again.

You can have a meal as a couple or family there too of course, and you’ll enjoy it like in any other restaurant, especially if you get there early. But the Big Beer Company really shines as an Oktoberfest-lite experience.

Cuisine: German/Luxembourgish
WebsiteBig Beer Company
Address: 12 Rives de Clausen, L-2165 Luxembourg (Clausen)
Phone number: +352 26 20 10 17
Opening hours: Mon-Sat from 17:00, Sun from 12:00
Prices: Salade Paysanne €12.50, pork knuckle €21.50, pork schnitzel €16.50, one-litre stein of beer €9
Public transport: bus nos 9, 19, night bus CN1: ‘Clausener Breck’ stop, or no 14 bus ‘Tour Jacob’ stop. There is also a free ‘navette’ bus Wed-Sat from 19:30 to 04:00 to the Glacis car park.
Delivery: No

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