Alfa Bar

12 Apr

My search for non-smoking bars in Luxembourg city started from the first morning that I woke up with hair and clothes choked with smoke. Not a pleasant discovery at the best of times but with a hangover it’s enough to give you the dry heaves. The quest only intensified when a friend became pregnant, and had to dart off as soon as the ashtrays appeared on a night out.

Unfortunately these bars remain a little thin on the ground, and (at time of posting) the much-hailed smoking ban is nowhere to be seen. So when a mate spotted that the Alfa bar was non-smoking, we and our pregnant friend decided to give it a gander.

With its mahogany fittings, curved marble-topped bar and suited-and-booted barman, the bar attempts harks back to an older age; if they replaced the tatty carpet, the illusion would be more successful. Even so I wished I had dressed a little smarter, decked out as I was in an oversized hoodie that screamed GAP! (Don’t judge me, it was raining.) Making ourselves comfortable after a long workday, we soon got our second wind when we realised that 5:30pm to 7:30pm every day is happy hour at the bar – and we were smack in the middle of it. Not bad at all when a glass of Rivaner is only €2.50 normally. Prost!

Service was attentive and extremely friendly. The atmosphere was typically hotel bar: polite, quiet and transient, with no music. Which suited us fine as it was a gab-fest of a night rather than a dance-around-our-handbags one. A large flat-screen tv in the corner was tuned into an American sports channel, and posters around the bar informed us of regular Champions League showings.

There’s a restaurant tucked around a corner at the back of the room, but food is also served at the bar. Unfortunately the food prices were not as welcoming, with salads starting at 15 euros.

When we left, bouyed by our small drinks tab and very attentive service, we promised to come back soon; even if only for a pre-dinner drink.

Address: 16, Place de la gare, L-1616 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 49 00 111
Sports: One large flatscreen
Opening hours: Open until 1am every day
Prices: Glass of Rivaner €2.50
Public transport: Any bus or train that stops at Luxembourg Gare

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