Alcohol in Luxembourg

16 Nov

If you are anything like me, a big draw to moving here is the cheap and good quality of alcohol in Luxembourg. And it’s everywhere. Walk into any supermarket, corner shop or petrol station (not sure what message that’s sending but hey, it’s not for me to judge) and you will be faced by enough beer, wine and spirits to sink a good few battleships. No Tesco Value vodka on offer either – prices may be low but quality is high.

Luxembourg has a spate of vineyards producing dry white and sparking wines, and way more breweries than you would expect from a small country.


The majority of Luxembourgish vineyards are along the banks of the Moselle river, mainly Rivaner, Auxerrois, Pinot Gris and Riesling. If you like good value tasty wines, these should suit you down to the ground. Luxembourgish sparkling wine is called Crement. House wine in restaurants tend to be served by the glass or quarter, half and (full) carafe, while Crement is served by the coupe (flute).

Wines from other countries are also very cheap here, French being the most popular and wide-raging. The sheer variety of wines available can be overwhelming (the two shelves of Jacob’s Creek down the local corner shop it ain’t) but every supermarket selects and labels their favourites of the season which is a good place to start. Buying in bulk is the done thing so if you find a wine you like, you can pick up a crate of it next time.


So many beers, so little time…the local breweries tend to produce lagers, including Mousel, Diekirch, Battin, Bofferding and Simon Pils. You can also get your grubby little mitts on unpasturised beer, dark (dinkle) beers and, when that special time comes around, Christmas beer. Most pubs and restaurants will serve only one brand of lager by tap.

If you’re a keen beer drinker I suggest you familiarise yourself with the supermarket Drink Shops – warehouses stocked to the rafters with crates of beer, more beer, and some wine and soft drinks. Enjoy the beer in the privacy of your own home, then when you’ve finished, bring the crate of empties back to the Drink Shop for a refund! Sigh…what a great country.


Prefer hard liquor instead of the soft stuff? You’re in luck, spirits are also as cheap as chips. Local spirits include eau de vie, which if you value your liver and stomach lining I’d avoid (but my judgment is clouded by a bad experience which I won’t disgust you with) but there’s plenty of vodka, whiskey and gin from around the world to delight you.

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