American Women’s Club of Luxembourg

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving! As I’m typing this, not only are 300 million Americans frantically chopping, mixing and chugging bourbon (or if you’re like me avoiding the actual work and going straight to the chugging) but the 7 million living abroad are doing the same while feeling lonely for home. For the expats here the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg (AWCL) helps them make Thanksgiving like the ones they had back in the US.

The AWCL is a great support and resource to English-speaking expats of all nationalities; their fortnightly welcome mornings have not only talked many culture-shocked down from taking the next flight home but are also a good laugh. Their clubhouse is staffed by their friendly and welcoming volunteers and is stuffed with American and English groceriesDVDs and books. The club is very active and well organised, arranging social and charitable events including French conversationbook clubsmum and kids mornings, monthly brunch meetings, and charitable events. I’ve been reliably informed that their hiking Fridays are not for the faint hearted and a great way of exploring Luxembourg’s gorgeous countryside.

Most of their events are during the day as many “trailing” spouses from outside of the EU cannot receive work permits; a lot of social life in Luxembourg is centred around the office so the AWCL is a welcome social outlet for many non-working women and full time mothers. But they also have evening and weekend meetups such as fortnightly TGIF drinks in various city bars (partners and friends welcome), trips to neighbouring towns and restaurant evenings.

The AWCL also publish the Living in Luxembourg guide which covers absolutely everything from getting settled, transport, accommodation, shopping and essential services. I’d recommend the book to anyone planning to move to Luxembourg to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Membership to the AWCL is currently €50 which includes access to their clubhouse, activities, meetings and a subscription to their very informative and friendly newsletter. The support and friendship that the club provides is well worth the fee in my opinion. Visit the AWCL website or call them on +352 44 84 77 to find out more.

And if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, may you have a great day with friends and family!

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