Luxembourg Airports

17 Nov

Until recently, Luxembourg’s airport was a dinky outfit that wouldn’t look out of place in a seventies Lego set. Now it’s a steel and glass multi-storey, but the amount of flights doesn’t seem to have increased as it often looks like a good location for a post-apocalyptic film.

But I digress. Luxembourg airport is located in Findel, 6km from the city centre. Luxair is the national airline and Luxair Tours is its package holiday section. Other airlines that use the airport are Air France, British Airways, KLM and Swiss. Benefits apart from the location is online check-in for Luxair flights, previous day check-in and baggage drop-off if you have an early flight the day after, and good restaurants and bars to choose from. Luxair flights are seriously swanky – leather seats, good in flight meals, no baggage charges, etc.

However you’ll soon discover that there’s a high price to pay for all this convenience and luxury; flying from Luxembourg airport can set you back a huge amount, unless you’ve found a discount or some special deal. So many Lux dwellers fly from the Ryanair dominated surrounding airports, Frankfurt Hahn (one and a quarter hours drive) and Brussels Charleroi (one and a half hour drive). Both airports are a good standard, cover a wide range of destinations and are served by the Luxembourg based Flibco bus which takes two hours for both journeys.

Other nearby airports are Brussels and Frankfurt, which serves destinations outside of Europe, but both are over two hours drive away. Taking the train from Luxembourg is an option, however the Frankfurt train has several changes and the Brussels train can be quite slow. But a good option if you’re destination is further afield and/or if you think Ryanair is a coach with wings (which I do, but my stinginess trumps my need for comfort).

Tip: If you’re on a budget, sign up for Luxair’s email newsletter as they regularly do special offers.

Tip: If you’re a nervous flyer, you may find the small crop dusters that Luxair favours for certain destinations a white knuckle experience, as they tend to find every gust of wind in the vicinity. And you thought flying with Ryanair was hairy.

Tip: If you’re planning to drive to Hahn or Charleroi and your destination serves both airports, Hahn is closer and a more attractive drive, but the Charleroi route has better roads which can be preferable in the winter months.

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