28 Apr

When the Silver Fox and I moved to Luxembourg City from inner-city Dublin, we had criteria to help us pick the perfect area: walking distance to the city centre and our respective workplaces, good bus routes…and at least one decent local pub. During a week-long apartment search around the Belair/Merl area, we sought succour in Pacha several times, pleasantly surprised by the incredibly friendly welcome, English-speaking staff and occasional English and Irish indie song (they were playing a James album when we wandered in the first time, which amazed us).

We’ve been in the area for a while now and Pacha is still a home away from home for us. Even though we only visit once a month on average, the staff always welcome us very warmly and remember our usual drink. You can settle down in one of the booths by the window, where you can be guaranteed friendly and attentive table service. Drink prices are cheaper than the average prices in city centre pubs. There’s a big screen around the corner where they put on different sporting events, and a games room with a pool table, darts, video games and a pinball machine.

The music is mainly 80s and 90s, with a DJ on Friday nights with a very limited music collection – I should know, as I’ve been up to request so many songs in my terrible Luxembourgish that he always roars laughing when he spots me. Apparently when they opened around 30 years ago, a large percentage of their customers were English and Irish, which goes to explain why the staff speak good English and they’ll occasionally play a song from an obscure band (for example Aslan, a band hardly known outside of their native Ireland).

It’s definitely a local pub – inside the decor could do with an update, as the furniture doesn’t look like it’s changed since the 90s, the bar is badly lit, and the walls and fittings are dreary and need freshening up. It’s also very, very smoky, even when there are only a few customers. There’s absolutely nothing fashionable about it, but that’s why we love it. Sometimes you’re not looking for a wine bar or a club; you’re looking for a scoop or two in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and Pacha offers this in spades.

Address: 156 Avenue du 10 Septembre (on the corner of Rue D’Oradour), L-2550 Luxembourg-Belair
Phone: +352447998
Sports: one large screen, two small
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10am to 1am, Saturday 5pm to 1am, closed Sundays
Prices: Bofferding mini (30ml): €2.40, pint (50ml) €3.80
Public transport: Bus nos 6 or 7, Place de France bus stop.

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