Fonzie’s Diner

13 Apr

On paper, it couldn’t be in a better area – Limpertsberg, home of a multitude of secondary schools, a university campus, and young families that seemingly wouldn’t get enough of a 50s-style diner with a cheap and varied burger n’ chips menu. However, I’ve heard whispers that Fonzie’s Diner has been a little slow to get off the ground. So, when recently in Limpertsberg after a harrowing grocery shop the day before Easter Sunday (the humanity!) the Silver Fox, the Fhionn and I decided to give it some love and eat there for lunch.

Located on a street corner with floor to ceiling windows, the decor is laid out like a canvas from the pavement: the black and white chequered floor, chrome tables, and turquoise-and-white leather chairs and booths. The menu is, errm, burgers (with a wide range of sauces to choose from), chips, chicken nuggets  and milkshakes.

Heading immediately for the booths, which still manage to incite the same level of excitement as I had for them as a kid, the Fhionn and I ordered a San Diego burger (cheese) with the ‘americaine‘ sauce, a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard, while the Silver Fox ordered a Los Angeles burger (cheese & bacon) with the spicy ‘samourai‘ sauce. We took advantage of the €8.50 burger, small fries and drink deal, and then lounged in the booth like hard-nosed 50’s delinquents (but in actual fact because we were aching from sparing with crazy-eyed shoppers wielding trolleys like weapons.)

Service was not the friendliest, but it was efficient. Not before long we were tucking into our burgers, which we all agreed were very good; juicy and flavourful. The chips were a little thin for my taste but I was overruled by the others’ approval. In no time at all we were done and out the door, happy and sated, ready to fight another day at Cactus.

With burger prices ranging from €3-5 and fresh, quality ingredients, it’s hard to beat Fonzie’s good value. Its setup is more suited for a quick bite than a long evening, but sometimes, in a country that still takes pride in the two-hour restaurant meal, a quickie is all you’re after.

Cuisine: Fast food/diner
Address: 139 Avenue des Bois, L-1250 Luxembourg (Limpertsberg)
Phone number: +352 621 239 494
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:30 to 14:30 and 17:30 to 22:30, Sat-Sun 11:30 to 22:30
Prices: Plain burger €3, small chips €3, Coke €1.50 (no alcohol served)
Public transport: No 2 and No 4 buses, ‘Am Wassertuerm’ bus stop is just outside. Parking can be tricky as it is a residential area
Delivery: No, but they offer takeaway service

2 Responses to Fonzie’s Diner



April 26th, 2012 at 6:38 pm

best value for money in lux so far! i wouldn’t say service was unfriendly, just a bit shy :) i loved the ‘brésil’ sauce on my veggie burger and, above all, the vanilla milkshake i had for dessert!



April 28th, 2012 at 10:29 am

Hi Antia, thanks for your comment! Glad you liked the food there too, will have to try your combination next time. I think we felt it was unfriendly because of the scowls that we got when we entered the place, but we might have caught them at a bad time. I would expect a friendlier welcome in a diner though, they do tend to have family-friendly reputations after all. Definitely a welcome addition to Luxembourg’s fast food scene.

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